Why Become a Member

Adventure Tour Operators of Maharashtra

  • Networking and sharing of information: Networking is a very important part of today’s business scenario. ATOM provides a platform to network with fellow members from the industry to get more business, collaborate with fellow members for business, have an information sharing platform where you can get vital information from fellow members, etc.

  • Norms and guidelines: Since ATOM aims to be the representative body for Adventure Tour Professionals in Maharashtra, it needs to set certain guidelines for its members to follow in order to make this segment of the travel industry more organized and more professional. ATOM on its part, has set certain guidelines like Safety Operating Procedures (SOPs), Quality Maintaining norms, Emergency Procedures, Equipment Maintenance Procedures, etc.for its members.

  • ATOM certified courses: ATOM will not just be a representative body to the industry. We also aim to make sure that we educate and motivate all the people involved in the industry.

  • For facilitating this, ATOM will hold regular courses for training and educate our members and their employees, people who are interested in joining the adventure travel industry but don’t know where to go , people who are just interested in being educated about the outdoors, etc.

ATOM will be holding the courses listed below. These are just the first few courses that ATOM will be conducting. We plan to increase our courses to the advanced and detailed versions later.

  • • Emergency first responder (EFR) and First aid
  • • Outdoor leader and people skills (for trip leaders and guides)
  • • Specialized skill courses like paragliding instructor, Rope handling and knots, water sports, etc.

Industry Recognition: ATOM aims to represent the Outdoor and Adventure travel industry in Maharashtra in front of the government and the public. We intend to become a force to reckon with so that the industry can be improved and Maharashtra can be made the hub of the outdoor and adventure travel industry in India. We plan to attract more business towards our home state so that our businesses also flourish.

  • Legal help: ATOM will provide legal help and advice to our members in industry relatedmatters.

  • Joint Insurance: ATOM aims to educate the insurance companies about the potential in the travel industry. We plan to facilitate in getting insurance companies to provide our members insurance for equipment, camp sites and clients.

  • Search and rescue assistance: Have you ever been stuck alone or with your clients in a situation or a place and you can’t get a hold of anyone to help or don’t know where to get help? ATOM will provide a database of its members and their areas of operations, their contact details, the facilities/services they provide, etc so that if you are stuck somewhere, you know who is the person closest to you who can help you.

  • ATOM events: We plan to have ATOM events in Maharashtra.