About ATOM

Safety of the customer, instructor and support personnel shall be the prime consideration for an adventure activity operator. The operator must be aware of all factors that may compromise the safety of an adventure activity.

The operator/organization must:

  • Be legally identifiable.
  • Clearly understand customers’ needs and provide clear information of services offered including cancellation policies.
  • Choose only technically competent sub-contractors.
  • Have a procedure for recording and resolving customer complaints.
  • Use duly certified equipment that is capable of withstanding the rigors of the adventure activity for which it is used.
  • Inspect and test all gear and equipment before use. Discard and destroy defective or questionable equipment.
  • Ensure that only authorized personnel use critical items of equipment and that only competent, qualified personnel execute adventure activities.
  • Identify training needs and provide training to all personnel.
  • Be aware of the risks normally associated with activities conducted by him.
  • Be aware of the possible abnormal conditions which may increase the risk factor and have procedures for conduct or cancellation of activities under such conditions.
  • Train outdoor personnel in first aid procedures and in handling emergencies.
  • Ensure that outdoor personnel always carry an up-to-date first aid kit.
  • Make arrangements for evacuation in case of an emergency.